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Password Crackers, Inc. offers the most complete range of options to recover Microsoft Excel® passwords including our Absolute Word/Excel recovery (AWE) service. This service can decrypt password protected Excel® ’97/2000 files in 3 to 5 days regardless of the length of the password. This service is guaranteed and works 100% of the time.


Prior to the Office® ’97/2000 version, Excel® did not feature a secure encryption algorithm and passwords could easily be recovered from Excel® (.xls) files.


Our price for recovering passwords from Excel® ’95 or earlier versions is $40.00. Our service is guaranteed – if we fail to recover your passwords you pay nothing. Please read our instructions and send your file(s) or contact us by email at if you would like us to recover Excel® passwords from Excel® versions prior to Office® ’97/2000 for you or complete our standard agreement form and send your .xls file(s). Please review our detailed instructions for sending files on our instructions page before sending files.


With Office® ’97/2000, Microsoft® has significantly upgraded the encryption algorithm used in Excel®. While the password provides a substantial amount of security there are two forms of attack which can be used against Excel® files: brute-force and encryption key attacks.


In a brute-force attack every possible combination of characters is tested against the password until a match is found. This can take a very long time and this method will only be successful on reasonably short passwords. Some level of enhancement and skill can be added to this method by carefully planning the sequence of guesses and the character sets used. Because people generally chose short, easy to remember passwords we have an approximate 70% success rate with this method.


Our current configuration can brute-force test more than 750,000 passwords per second. This is almost 10 times faster than some commercial software products running on a single Pentium PC. In a brute-force attack where the only output is your password; quality = speed. Don’t buy any software until after you have benchmarked it for speed and understand the practical limits of this form of testing.


For instance, when we run this test we typically test all possible 5 digit passwords, all 6 and 7 character lower case passwords and all 6, 7 and 8 character digit only passwords. This is 16,273,555,776 passwords, which will take us approx. 6 hours to complete testing. If we were to extend this to all possible 6 digit passwords, all 7 and 8 character lower case passwords and all 7, 8 and 9 character digit only passwords there would be 992,274,938,496 possible passwords to test and it would take approximately 15 days. To brute-force test for all possible passwords up to Microsoft's® 15 character limit would take approx. 44,000,000,000,000,000 years. That is a brief example of why brute-force testing will only work for short passwords. Many users may not be in a position to tie up multiple computers for the days that it will take to make a reasonable attempt at the password. With Password Crackers, Inc. you pay nothing extra for the use of our equipment and you pay nothing at all if we fail to recover the password.


If you submit your file for brute-force testing, you pay only if we recover your password. We test your file for passwords prior to payment and request payment only after we have recovered your password. If we recover the password, the fee is $100.00. Brute-force testing will take approximately 1 business day.


Our Absolute Word/Excel (AWE) recovery service does not check for passwords. We search for the encryption key that Excel® used to encrypt the document. There are many fewer keys than possible passwords, hence we are able to search all of the possible keys in 3 to 5 days.


Our fee for the Absolute Word/Excel (AWE) recovery service is $125.00 for Excel files. The AWE fee is due in advance. With the AWE recovery service we guarantee that we will decrypt your file regardless of password length.


If you have an Excel® ’97/2000 file, which service is right for you? If you have time, we suggest you let us run the brute-force check for the short passwords before committing to the more expensive Absolute Word/Excel (AWE) recovery service. There is no obligation if the brute-force attempt fails. However, brute-force testing will delay the start of the AWE recovery.


When sending Excel® ’97/2000 files for recovery, please make sure to specify whether you want us to begin brute-force or AWE recovery. Please contact us at if you would like us to brute-force or AWE recover Excel file(s) for you or complete our standard agreement form and send your .xls file(s). Please review our detailed instructions for sending files on our instructions page before sending files.


If you would prefer to recover Excel® passwords yourself, you can purchase Excel® password recovery software from Passware, Inc.


Corrupted Excel® files may be recovered using software from


Please read our instructions before sending files or payments.

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