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Contained within are the results of our security audits on your machines FOO & BAR. Please note there are serious security problems on both boxes and we recommend addressing these as soon as possible.


First of all, please address the issues outlined in the Vulnerability Analysis portion of this report. Detailed instructions are included that will allow your technicians to fix these problems quickly and easily. Complete port maps are also included for completeness and you should satisfy yourself that there are no services running that cannot be accounted for. Running software unnecessarily is a security vulnerability in itself and unidentified open ports can be an indication of Trojan Horse or 'rootkit' activity.


The Proof of Concept section demonstrates example techniques by which a hacker would exploit your system in its current configuration. In some of these cases, easily acquirable 'exploit source code' from the Internet has been used. For your information, this source code has been included in the Appendix section so as to greater facilitate your understanding of the threats.


Should you require further clarification of points raised in this report, our staff is always on hand to take your call.


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