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Password recovery services, lost password, forgotten password, Word, Excel, Access, Zip, Outlook, Wordperfect, 1-2-3, and many others.PASSWORD CRACKERS INSTRUCTIONS

If you are in need of any of our password recovery services, here are detailed instructions regarding working with us. Please read these instructions carefully before sending files or payments and email us directly at pwcrack@pwcrack.com if you have any questions.


All clients must complete and submit our standard agreement form available at our site, http://www.pwcrack.com


You will also need to send the file(s) for recovery. If you are unsure which file(s) we require, please contact us by email at pwcrack@pwcrack.com. If your file(s) are less than 2 Meg., you may email them to us at pwcrack@pwcrack.com. You may zip compress files using Winzip or Pkzip if this will help reduce file sizes. If you do not know how to use zip compression and need to use it, please contact us by email. You may send multiple files on separate emails as long as no single file is larger than 2 Meg.


You may upload larger files (over 2 Meg.) to our ftp site.  You will need to login to the ftp site.  Please contact us by email at pwcrack@pwcrack.com to get a username and password to upload to our ftp site. When contacting us to get a username and password, please let us know the filename and size of the file you would like to upload.  Using the login we will provide upload files to the “In” directory to send us files. When we have completed work on your files, we may place them in the “Out” directory for you to download.


We suggest you use an ftp client such as FilezillaP, though you may upload files using a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding how to transfer larger files or how to login or upload to a ftp site..


When you have completed the upload, please confirm it by sending an email to us at pwcrack@pwcrack.com listing the filenames you uploaded. We can also accept files on Iomega Zip Disks® and CD-ROM.


Password Crackers, Inc. does not expect payment prior to completion of our work, except for our Absolute Word/Excel password recovery service, our user protected PDF recovery service and our orphaned Access database recovery service. If you would like us to perform these services you must make the required payment when you send your file and the standard agreement.  Work on these recovery services cannot begin until we receive the file, agreement and payment. Payment amounts for our PDF recovery service and our Absolute Word/Excel (AWE) recovery service are listed on these pages on our website. The price for our orphaned Access database (.mdb) recovery service are quoted individually based on format and size. Therefore these files need to be sent to us in advance so that we can quote a price before an advance payment can be made. Please do not make payments for our other password recovery services through our secure on-line credit card payment system until we have confirmed that we have completed our work and recovered your passwords or data.


For our non-AWE/PDF password recovery services, once we have received your file(s) and standard agreement we will begin to process your request. When we have completed our work and recovered your passwords or data, we will send you an email telling you that we have completed our work and instructing you to go back to our site and make a secure on-line credit card payment for the agreed amount. Password Crackers, Inc. can also accept checks if you prefer, but we will need to wait until these clear, which means that the process of getting your data or passwords back to you may be delayed.


For our Absolute Word/Excel and user protected PDF password recovery services, we will begin recovering your document as soon as you have sent the file, payment and agreement. When we have completed the work we will return your decrypted document to you. These services are guaranteed. If for any reason we are unable to decrypt your document, we will refund your money.


For our orphaned Access database (.mdb) file recovery service, you will need to send us your file and complete the standard agreement first. Then we will quote you a price by return email and request that you make an advance payment. When we have received your payment, we will begin processing your file. This service is guaranteed. If for any reason you are unable to gain full access to your data, we will refund your money.


For prepaid services, please contact us and we will email a Paypal invoice for the correct amount for this work. If you have been contacted by us and told that we have completed our recovery of a non-prepaid password service, we will email you a Paypal invoice for the work. We check our email regularly and will generally get passwords back to you quickly after confirmation, but please allow up to 1 business day for us to return your passwords to you. If we have made a payment but have not received your passwords or data for one business day, please send us an email to follow-up.


When we send you your recovered passwords or data, we will also ask you to confirm back to us that you have been able to successfully open the file(s) or read your data on your end. When we receive this final confirmation, we will remove copies of your data or file(s) from our system.


Most files can be recovered in one business day and you should expect an email from us regarding the status of your work quickly. Files that require brute-force cracking, such as Word® and Excel® ’97/2000, AmiPro® and some Zip® files can take significantly longer (possibly 4-6 business days.) Absolute Word/Excel password recovery can take 5-7 business days.  PDF recovery can take up to 25 days.


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For more information call us at 301-980-0501 or email us at: pwcrack@pwcrack.com


Please read our instructions before sending files or payments.

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